Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Week of First Days...

This last week was a week of first days of school. It's always a busy, crazy week. The biggest goal is just to get through it. My students started on Tuesday, so even though I had been back to work for a week, that was my first REAL day. And even though I have had 12 first days as a teacher, it still makes me feel on edge - like a big audition for something.

Wednesday was Max's first day. Now, for a lot of his buddies, this was a FIRST DAY of major magnitude. They are all starting Kindergarten, after all. But Max's start of Kindergarten came on a much more mellow scale. He is doing his K year at Harmony, the same place (same classroom, same teacher, many of the same friends) he loved last year. No hesitation for this kiddo - he was ready to go! And, of course, the first day went well. He's glad to be back, and is right back to work.

Now, the big first day of the week was for Luke. This year Luke is also going to be at Harmony (in the classroom across the hall form Max). He was so excited to start preschool on Friday and go to "big kid" school like Max. And of course, in his typical Luke fashion, he was super laid-back about it all. No nerves, no tears. In fact, the only issue of the day was when he told me at pick-up that he "wasn't a very good listener" in his early care. (According to Max there were no issues, so we aren't sure what he meant by that!) Other than that, he loved painting and dancing with his buddy, Ben.

I am so happy that the one who seems to have the hardest time with first days is me. And I'm not sure how we got so lucky to have two little boys who will jump right into a new routine and new adventure without batting an eye. And I couldn't be more thankful that the week of first days is over!

On to week two!

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