Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another first...

Well, I'm officially a soccer mom. Yup. Tonight Max began his first extracurricular sport - indoor spring soccer. He's on a Pre-K/K team with 13 other kiddos. They have practice one night a week and a game on Saturdays. It's going to be a fun ride, I'm sure.

To be honest, neither Max or I were sure of how tonight's practice was going to go. He was nervous about not knowing anybody - but warmed right up to his coach and was friendly to his little teammates. I had a host of other concerns:
1. Would he listen and follow directions?
2. Would he keep up with the other kiddos?
3. Would he know what he needs to know to not feel behind?
4. Would he be a good sport when things go well AND when things go poorly?
5. Would he have fun?

The answers to the first three were a resounding yes. He was on the same level as his teammates, understood the object of the game, and listened well to Coach Kristy. On being a good sport? He didn't have any issues when things didn't go his way, picked himself up when he fell down, and kept running the entire time. But we have to do a little something about the victory dance after every good kick into the goal...

And did he have fun?

He wants to know why he has to wait a whole week to go again.


Marilee said...

Oh my dear Lord! My heart is full to bursting and my face is going to crack my smile is so big right now. I can hardly wait to talk to him about it. When is the first game? I'm so glad that he has this opportunity to try new things and have fun doing it. What did Luke think? I bet he is begging to play too.

Stefanie said...

This post makes me WANT to be a soccer mom! How precious is he???

mandy draper said...

He is getting sooo big! I have no doubt he will excell.

Erin said...

WAHOO! I love it!