Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fire Station

Since Max was about two years old, he has had a deep and enduring love of firetrucks. He adores anything "fireman" - including his ever-present fireman rain coat and boots. His favorite outfit is a Paul Frank fireman-monkey t-shirt, the aforementioned jacket and boots, and his red plastic fireman's hat. And nothing thrills him more than when some stranger calls him "fire chief".

Luke seems to be following in those same footsteps. Whether it is just because it is what his big brother does or a well cultivated interest of his own, he loves to race firetrucks up and down the playroom and read any of the plethora of fireman books on hand. He wears Max's old fireman boots all around the house, and grabs the precious jacket the second Max lets it go.

So it was a no-brainer that a visit to a fire station was in order. Yesterday the Belmont Fire Station (a historic firestation in SE Portland) was hosting one of its Safety Saturdays, and our morning was open. We decided to surprise the boys with the visit (a lesson learned when plans have gone awry and children became inconsolable about something that they couldn't have/do), and just opened the doors to the station without a word. Both boys stared in amazement. We were in a REAL.LIVE.FIRE.STATION.

It's a cool little museum with an old fire hose cart and truck, a pole the the kids can slide down, and lots of buttons and levers to push and pull. The best part is a front half of a firetruck that they have set up as a simulation vehicle. You get in, put on your seatbelt, and on the front windshield is a video of the truck going to an actual call - vibrating seats and all, it feels like you are really going out with engine number nine. Max and I went twice.

It was perfect adventure for my two little firemen-in-training, and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. For all of you locals, I couldn't recommend it more! You can't beat a great free and dry activity for a wet fall morning when your child can't do anything but gaze in awe at the heaven that surrounds him:


Stefanie said...

So cute! Don't you just love it when you bring them a little piece of their heaven? They can't hide the JOY on their faces!!

*jess* said...

your boys are sooo dang cute. what a great outing for your cuties!!!