Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Boots...

I always remember the stories of young children and their tendency to get attached to specific items. Many kids have "lovies" that bring them great comfort and are necessary for sleep. My sister had her thumb, I had a blankie, and Luke seems pretty attached to having some sort of soft stuffed animal.

But Max? Nothing.

I tried - foisted teddy bears, blankets, and dollies on him. None of them mattered. Until 6 months ago.

Max found his object of fixation. And they haven't left his feet in 6 months.

Since their purchase, these frog boots have been everywhere. I used to argue with him, "Rain boots aren't good playground shoes," or "They'll hurt your feet to walk in them too long," or "It ISN'T raining!!!". But it never mattered. The boots were going, and they were the best option for any situation. And if I'm being honest, he has never once complained about them being uncomfortable.

Another peculiarity about the boots? They MUST be on the wrong feet. Every time. Apparently that's how they feel best.

After the first month, I stopped fighting and just embraced the boots. Really, in our Portland weather, they are a very practical option. Easy cleanup. No soggy feet. And the cuffs of his pants are never ragged - they're tucked in the boots.

But it wasn't until we traipsed through the Chicago airport in the middle of a very long day that I too came to understand the power of the boots. Now, airports are not notoriously cheerful places. Especially with an incoming snowstorm and delays appearing all over the departure board. But as we tromped through the terminal, everyone that saw Max's boots began to grin. We received many kind nods and understanding grins. Several calls of "Great boots!" to which Max always replies in his cheery voice, "Thanks!"

As we were walking, Max said, "You know what, Mom? People really like my boots. They make everyone happy."

And they did.

What more could we ask from a pair of ever-present rain boots? And how soon do we need to buy a replacement pair?

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Melanie said...

That is a fabulous story. I love that they cheer everyone up.

Nolan can't seem to get attached to anything either. . . maybe I should get a pair for him. :)